Yoni Steam Stool Info

Here is More Information on Using the Yoni Steam Stool

Yoni Herbal Steaming Practice which allows warm herbal steam to permeate the exterior of the vagina. Yoni herbal steaming is respected by many women and holistic healers around the world.

Rejuvenates, Tones, Detoxes, and Revitalizes.

Lady's there may be benefits you can't see with your eyes and may not notice anything with first steam. Don't worry, your second or third steam you should start to see regulated cycles, less pain, uterus clear and tone, more energy, less dry and itchy vagina.

Meditate and pamper yourself to a blissful self-care ritual of yoni steaming.


You will experience discharge for up to 2-3 days after, this is normal as your Yoni is flushing toxins. You can wear a panty liner to protect underwear and materials.

No sexual activities for up to two days while Yoni is detoxing.


Improper use of burner will cause burns. We at Naked Skin Yoni Wellness are not responsible for burns. Please be sure to move cords to prevent falls, trips, or burns. This is a multipurpose stool. When not in use, the stool can be used as a flower pot or magazine holder. It is easy to store in any dry corner or small space. Great home decor! Improper use of the stool can cause injury. We at Naked Skin Yoni Wellness are not responsible for any cuts, falls, bruises, burns, or any other bodily injuries caused from stool.

Production Information:

Because of burnt technique method, no two stools will look alike. Yoni stools are made to order, allow two weeks production time before shipping.


Naked Skin is not responsible for injuries/burns caused or due to steaming. Naked Skin is not responsible for falls, bruises, burns, or any other injury due from stool. Before making a purchase, please contact a physicial about any medical needs or concerns.

Handle with Gentle Care.