Hour Glass Train Sculpt &  Shape
Hour Glass Train Sculpt &  Shape

Hour Glass Train Sculpt & Shape

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Naked Skin Fitness Sculpt & Shape 
Neoprene Fat Burner Hour Glass Trainer
Neoprene Material Hot Sauna Compression Heat, Helps Lose Back Fat, Bulging Bra Fat or Spillage, Underneath Boob Fat & Upper Sides, While Sculpting Your Shape. The Hot Heat Compression Keeps Muscle Warm During Any Workout, While Tightening & Toning Skin. 
This Hour Glass Trainer is Perfect Because it Specifically Targets Bulging Bra Fat, Underneath Boob Fat & Sides Helping to Shrink Fat Faster in These areas. 

**Measure Underneath Boobs ((Circumference))
With Measure Tape For Sizing**

**Apply Our Enhanced Sweat Gel Before Trainer  Guaranteed Too Increase Circulation for Intense Sweat**

Benefits and Features
*Great to Wear During any Workout

*Supports/Correct Back Posture 

*Reduce Bra, Upper Back & Side Fat

*Sheds Water Fat

*Burns Fat

*Tighten & Tone Skin

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